Welcome To Boundless Media!

Logan Middleton (Founder/Owner/Operator) on location at a paintball shoot out.

Welcome to Boundless Media Productions.

We are quickly making a name for ourselves in the world of Aerial Photography/Videography, located in the heart of Norfolk County. We specialize in Drone Aerials for promotions in Real Estate, Sports Events, Local Business, Weddings, Film or just about anything you can imagine…

Close to home or travelling abroad, Boundless Media has no limits to where we will go. Contact for more info on travelling.


On the ground or in the air Boundless Media knows no limits and can get those shots that really make you feel good. We take pride in every picture taken and guarantee customer satisfaction. Whatever the task wether its a Sporting event or a Real Estate listing Boundless can cover all the angles and WOW your audiences…Fallen1 


Aerial Cinematography/Videography are reaching all new hight’s now thanks to UAV technology. Here at Boundless we utilize this technology in what we do wether your a Film maker looking for raw footage of those shots you can’t personally get, or a Business looking for a fully edited promo clip, we can do all that and more…


Boundless Media started this adventure first using the Dji Phantom 2 with the Zenmuse H3 3D gimble and the Gopro Hero3, we have since got another Phantom 2 as they are a great machine and also brought on board the 3DRobotics Iris +. And new to the Boundless family we would like to introduce the Dji Inspire 1, blowing all its competition out of the water the Inspire 1 is a great add to our team.

DJI Phantom 2  - This drone is a little power house, using the Zenmuse H3 3D 3 axis gamble with Gopro Hero 4 we can go almost anywhere and shoot in 4k at 30fps is desired.